Conversation Française à Brooklyn

Conversation Française à Brooklyn

Lire en Français

Enjoy French conversation in a relaxed atmosphere at a bar.

“Conversation française à Brooklyn” is a French conversation group that takes place every other Friday evening.

At a bar, café, or park near central Brooklyn and several subway lines, there will be a French speaking host (me) who can lead the conversation. The location may change from week to week, but wherever we are, you will be able to speak French and meet interesting people.

The goal of this group is to give its participants (of all levels) the opportunity to practice French.

In this group, we speak 100% in French (but don’t be intimidated, we’ll be there to help if you can’t think of a word).

If you’re still learning, the recommended level to attend is weak intermediate or higher. If you can’t follow the discussion, I’m happy to repeat anything or help you express some things that you might never have said in French before. The only way to improve is to practice!

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